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The site features the black and white photographic work of Alistair Baird providing a permanent exhibition. Prints are for sale - drop me a line if you're interested ( I no longer run an online shop ). All the images originate from film, rather than digital, and are hand printed by the photographer using traditional lens based techniques on black and white archival quality, fibre base, silver gelatin paper. There are landscape, nude, abstract and travel photographs from Nepal, Canada, Ladakh - India, Angkor Wat - Cambodia plus the UK and studio photographs, signed by the photographer with their edition number. A free pdf book, See You in Leh is available to download.

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BW Paper Comparisons
Technical information and research into currently available Black & White photographic papers


All the images on the site are exposed on film, usually Ilford Delta or Kodak T-max, processed traditionally by hand in black and white chemistry, contact printed on resin coated paper before finally being selected for hand printing on fine art black and white fibre base paper. Once printed they are either selenium toned or using a toner such as sepia, thiocarbamide or gold toner for archival permanence.
The photographs above include a selection of images hand printed as a limited edition, on Ilford Multigrade fibre based paper and toned with selenium or thiocarbamide. It shows the superb quality of black and white materials: crisp detail and a vivid tonal range and presented in a picture mount will last for many years.
Remember that photographs seen on the web cannot match the full range of tones found in a traditional black and white print and often the subtlies of colour and texture are lost. To enjoy the aesthetic quality of fine art prints make the opportunity of viewing them in a gallery and since every printer and photographer works in a unique way, go to lots of exhibitions!
To maintain the context of my travel photography there are some colour images, but these are taken to support my journalism and you will find a newly published book ‘See you in Leh’ as a free PDF download from the site.

Cambodia with Fine Art images from Siem Reap and the Temples of Angkor Wat.
Fine Art photographs and fibre base prints from the Canadian Rockies
Black & white prints from Ladakh, India handprinted on traditional silver gelatin paper
Fine Art photographs of the Lake District as editioned black and white
Photographs of Nepal hand-printed in BW using traditional materials and techniques

Mystical stones on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland: Photographs for sale in BW

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