Other recommended Sites

Edmund Nagele FRPS Stock Photography and Digital Art Catalogue

Norman Riley Photography Contemporary Photographer
Studio 31 Exquisite platinum prints
Jo Cound Making photography an art : Jo Cound
Martin Bailey Prolific podcaster based in Japan
Celluloid and Silver work by Todd Schoenbaum
Dan Massey - BW Fine Art
Kenro Izu - A great source of inspiration, highly recommended
Parkeharrison - Lots of new work now posted
Grant Mattice - My Canadian guide and photographer
Invisible light A look at infrared photography
Kathy Harcom Sensitive use of BW
MonoArt Enthusiastic BW photographer
Moersch so good manufacturers ask him for advice
Scott Stulberg - Prepare to be Wowed
Touching the light Ken Scott's images in the mountains
Ian Leake - Platinum nudes
Dylan Collier - provocative commissions
Mark Bentley - thoughtful urban landscapes
Grant Collier - library of N American photographs
Robynne Limoges - Strength in quiet images - a must see
Galleries and Libraries
Alamy You can select an image online at Alamy
APUG Analogue Photograpny Users Group
Eastman House George Eastman housing the greats
The Photographers Gallery The place to be seen
Royal Photographic Society
Photographysites Thematic photography directory
Unblinking Eye A gallery featuring contemporary work, worth a look
THE Magazine based in Santa Fe
Black and white gallery More BW samples
Educational Sites
University of Gloucestershire
Lith printing
Suppliers and Manufacturers
BW Photography magazine excellent magazine for B/W photography
Silverprint Suppliers of a wide range of supplies and equipment
Ilford Harman The Big White Box

Hahnemuehle If you use inkjet paper, use these

Shutterbutton Garish design but useful resource

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