Alistair Baird

Thank you for getting this far and yes, you have found the website for Alistair Baird, one time photographer and lifetime darkroom dogsbody. My original website was written years ago in Sanskrit and now that there are so many options to view images online, I've decided against buying into the latest platform to create another website purely for my vanity - it never made me any money anyway :D

If you'd like to buy one of my images, have a look at Alamy, but if you just want to browse then use Instagram @alinthedarkroom
There is a book 'See You in Leh' available soon from blurb books. In its present form it's quite a big investment because it's hardback, 30cm square and over 100 pages. I'm going to look at producing a slimmed down version that cuts out much of the journalling and sticks to the BW images.

Here's a few samples - All images © Alistair Baird 2020

You can contact me at work at The Darkroom UK Ltd, Cheltenham

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